Sunday, July 24, 2011

Christmas in July Finishes

It seems as though I've been working on these little items for ages, but it's only been about six weeks or so.  These items came about from a Christmas in July exchange I got involved in.  Always one to have a creativity spaz attack, I ended up with not one ornament for each person I'm exchanging with but several little items since my mind wouldn't stop coming up with ideas, and I couldn't decide.

The ornaments that started it all:

Bookmarks--A brand new experience for me. The fringe on the bottom one is courtesy of my wonderful husband. I was going to leave it with just the ribbon. I'm SO glad he suggested something for the ends... looks much better. The top one is my favorite -- the colors, the beaded "ribbon." I really like how it turned out!

Magnets -- creative experiment number two. The top is stitched on aida with green and silver ribbon on the sides. The bottom is stitched on perforated plastic. Both are fit nicely into 4x6 photo magnet holders. I have a few of them here and since I couldn't get to the store to buy stuff to secure to the back to make magnets (or even know what to look for), I figured this was a clever solution.
Satchets -- yet another first. Both are stuffed with "Ocean Breeze" potpourri. I suppose with Christmas in July, "Evergreen" would have made more sense, but I wasn't thinking at the store. I was thinking more about vacation in Florida, so "Ocean Breeze" it was.
Finally, some finishes to post on my blog.  I'll be working furiously on the monkeys for my friend over the next week or so.  If it isn't finished before we leave for Florida on August 2, it will be going with me... they'll be going with me.  I won't pretend I'll have it done by then.  I will be bringing along another WIP just in case I'm able to finish that one up while we're off relaxing.... too bad the beach is so sandy.  It would be an awesome spot to stitch!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

TGIF tomorrow!

It's been a long week!  Sometimes it seems I just never get enough sleep.  I managed to finish the last bit of stitching that will become a satchet last night.  I've dug my sewing machine out of the storage closet.  I was hoping to put it to use tonight, but the kids were a bit on the wild side tonight... the one usually is... and hubby and I decided tomorrow night I'll do the sewing and creating that I need to do on my little ornies, magnets, bookmarks, and satchets.  That'll put be back to working on on the monkeys for my friend.  I did a bit of stitching on it tonight in between snuggling with the baby.  Another day of work tomorrow with an early start again... gotta save up that overtime for vacation.  Only 12 days until we're on a plane (and getting felt up by TSA)!  Woohoo!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Christmas in July

Almost finished with the most recent exchange.  I actually got a jump start on it back in June and wasn't sure what the exchange was going to entail for sure.  I thought it was to be similar to a Christmas gift exchange, not necessarily something Christmas themed.  Once I discovered exactly, I couldn't decide between stitching a magnet or stitching an ornament, so I decided on both -- the ornaments were small enough, so why not?  Somewhere in there, I discovered that last year some of the participants didn't receive an item back when they only exchanged with one person, so the organizer of the event decided, quite rightly, for each person to have two exchanges.  The items I've got going will find good homes.  As always, I've gone overboard.  My two recipients are both overseas in the UK.  Each will receive an ornament for their tree, a Christmas-themed magnet, and each will also get two Christmas "gifts" from me:  a bookmark and a satchet with some potpourri... neither an actual Christmas theme, more so just for fun.  Most of my items need me to get out my sewing machine, which I hope to do tomorrow evening possibly, for finishing.  I just busted out my serger a few days ago and surged up a pair of shorts for my daughter for our upcoming vacation (the shorts are also in need of my other machine for the hems and elastic to be put in, so I'll be a busy little seamstress this weekend, hopefully!  Pictures to be posted eventually....

Monday, July 18, 2011

All Things Stitchy...

Finally, a blog!  I've wanted to do this for awhile now, to have a place to post and share all things stitchy, have a place to brag and whine, depending on how current projects are going.  I've been sharing everything on Facebook for a long time, but some things have to wait to be shared there because of participating in exchanges or making gifts for people.  I'm hoping to connect with some other crafty people as well :)