Saturday, October 1, 2011

Footprints After Five Days

Current progress on Footprints after five days.  Started this the evening of Sept. 25, and this was where I ended last night at bedtime.  Tonight, when things settle down, I'll be moving over to the right and beginning a portion of the "picture," some footprints, beach, and waves.

It seemed so fitting that when I found the center of the pattern, "Lord" was there!  So, the Lord is at the center of this project.  It starts with Him.  I also love that working on this piece gives me peace.  It gives me cause to reflect on what is important in my life, from where I am and should be spiritually and what is important in my life, from God to my family to special people in my life like the special friend that surprised me with this kit in the mail.

If I get visitors here, I'm wondering if anyone has heard of the List of 15 or Crazy 15?  From what I understand, this is where you choose 15 projects and start one on each day, January 1-15th, and then the goal is to complete them throughout the year 2012.  This is something I'm considering.  It certainly would be crazy to start a new one each day of the first 15 of January -- my husband would absolutely think I'd fallen off my rocker for sure, but I've also heard it is a great way to finish up some WIP with a fun goal.  This is the part that interests me most.  I recently updated my album on Facebook for my stitchy stash and have discovered there's way too many to do.  Nothing seems small, so I doubt I'd be able to finish 15 larger ones in the new year.  We shall see... Might be fun.  Happy Stitching!

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  1. Hey there! It's Lara...I found your link on the group site and thought I would check out your blog. "Footprints" is coming along very nicely! I hope to do it in the furture. I love the 12 in 2012 idea...suits me much better than the 15 challege. Have fun stitching the fairy, I can't wait to see it!! :-)