Sunday, September 18, 2011

Almost to another finish...

Closing in on another finish... at long last.  This picture was as of last night.  I was able to do a little work on it today, so currently, what there was to do on the pathway is finished as well as filling in most of the left side and some yellow along the edge of the house on the right.  I still have a bit of green and the detailing to do.  There seems to be a ton of French knots in this, so I'm not looking forward to those :S

Today was my friend/coworker's baby shower, so she finally received Baby Monkers and loved it.  I'm so glad... I wasn't completely thrilled with the frame job I did on it, but she was happy, and that's what counts the absolute mostest.... her due date is November 8, but she and her boyfriend are getting a place as of October 1 and setting up the nursery immediately.  Should look wonderful amongst her many other monkey-themed items!

On another note, my stash groweth... Three words:  Mystic Stitch sale.  After looking for a day and a half off and on, I determined the six I couldn't bare to go on without and purchased the patterns in the B3G3F deal... SO excited to get those.  My husband teased me about what I would do in 2034 when I only have 100 or so left that I'm planning to do lol.... could be a worse habit/hobby/addiction!  I'll have to add those to my official To-Do Niche list eventually.

Until next time.... happy stitching to all!

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