Friday, September 2, 2011

Currently stitching...

Nothing overly fabulous in the works at the moment.  I picked up one of the various WIPs I have in the works and have been fiddling with that when I'm able to while trying to decide what I want to do next "for real."  I've decided I really want to work on my HAED Noah's Ark, but since it is such a large project, it's difficult to do with a toddler cruising the furniture, curious about what Mommy has, so in the meantime, I'll continue working on the smaller project.  It's Enchanted Cottage, one that I realized I hadn't even included in my To-Do Niche!  I thought I would share the last picture I had taken of it, from back near the beginning of February 2011.  Yikes, it's been in the works way too long... time to finish it up!  There's only a little bit more done on it now -- I'm a few stitches shy of finishing the flowers within the black border.
~Enchanted Cottage, as of February 3, 2011~
I'm not sure why I set it aside for so long.  I am a little leery of the "something new" with this kit.  There's thread to make a cording that goes around the oval when completed.  I'm nervous about how to do this and have it look good or whether it'll be all goofy looking and then ruined when I try to undo it and fix it.  I may simply go buy my own cording to afix to it so that I won't have to contend with both the twisting in making my own with the threads included as well as trying to figure out how to afix it properly... only time will tell how that comes out, I suppose.

Happy stitching to all!

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